Department of Physics

Department of PHYSICS

        The Department Physics offers the degree in bachelor and master of Science. Both degrees having over 60 basic and advanced courses in physics and related disciplines are available for students who concern in this supject. Staffs from the department of Physics work in research area of both experimental and theoretical Physics such as material science, quantum optics and condensed matter Physics. The research has collaboration with other fields on investigations of the properties of materials for practical use in science and industry. Improvement materials using plasma technology will be utilized for both basic and applied studies of surface structures; studies of the formation and properties of thin films will be undertaken. The results of these and other fundamental investigtions will be applied in the development of electrical, electronic and magnetic properties of practical value in industry. The first matter-wave interferometer in Thailand will be constructed and this proposed interferometer shall be applied for precision metrology as well as fundamental investigations.

Degree programmes

  • Bachelor degree
    - Bachelor of Science degree in Physics
    - Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Physics

  • Master degree
    - Mater of Science degree in Physics
    - Mater of Science degree in Physics Education

  • Doctoral degree
    - Doctor of Philosophy Program in Physics

  • Selected Researches
    1. Vacuum technology and thin films
    2. Solar energy for agriculture applications
    3. Superconductivity theory
    4. Simulation in condensed mater Physics and lattice quqntum chromodynamics
    5. Matter-wave interferrometry
    6. Vibration sensor using-field interferometer
    7. Molecular Spectroscopy
    8. Carbon nanotube for gas sensor
    9. Novel Magnetic materials

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