Department of Biochemistry

Departments of BIOCHEMISTRY

        Department of Biochemistry offers an undergraduate course towards the science degree (B.Sc.), the focus of which lies on the main streams of helath science and applied science. Biochemisty is one of the most rapidly emerging fields that is undoubtedly a critiacl key to improve the quality of human lives and promote sustainable economy with nature friendly in mind. The B.Sc. curriculum has been regularly improved to reflect and response to the change and need of the evolving world. The course begins with an in-depth understanding of biomolecules that are the most fundamental compounds of lives such as proteins, enzymes, carbohydartes, lipids, DNA and RNA. Their structures, functions and interactions within cells through metabolisms will be studied. After that, the course emphasis is then shifted to applications of that knowledge in various fields, for instance, genetic engineering, cloning, forensic- science, tissue culture, medical and pharmaceutical, nutrition, toxicology and renewable energy. The course combines a series of lectures and practical experiments in well-established laboratory. Students will have a chance to visit and attend a placemennt in modern research institutions and industries. As such, a graduate in biochemistry will have a sufficient knowledge and practical experience to work in a number of related fields such as medicals, agricultures, foods, industry and environmental sciences, or to easily continue their studies towards higher degrees.

Degree programmes

  • Bachelor degree
    - Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

  • Master degree
    - Master of Science in Biochemistry

  • Selected Researches
    1. Bioremediation of toxic compounds and environmental contaminants
    2. Productions of alternative energy, peptide and alcohol by microbial-enzyme catalysis
    3. Food contamination and toxicology
    4. Finding of a novel anti-inflammation and antioxidant compounds from natural/synthesis products

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