Department of Food Science

Department of FOOD SCIENCE

The eastern provinces of Thailand and Eastern Seaboard served bu Burupha University represent a major area of agricultral, marnie and commercial food production. The Department of food science offers the B.Sc. and M. Sc degree to undergraduates and graduates who will take leadership roles in these industries. Basic courses are given in food science and technology, nutrition, food processing, food chemistry, food engineering and quality control. Advenced courses are given in a variety of specific food technologies utilized in this region and elsewhere in the country. Research interests include optimization of locally important food processing and technologies in integrated collaboration with faculty members of other department in the Faculty of science.

Degree programmes

  • Bachelor degree
    - Bachelor of Science Program in Food Technology

  • Master degree
    - Mater of Science Program in Food Science and Technology

  • Selected Researches
    1. The value-added and application of agricultural and agro-industry waste
    2. Product development of local agricultural raw materials in the East of Thailand; particulary the products of starch,
    cereal, tuber, vegetable and fruit
    3. The study of extaraction method of antioxidant from agricultural products of food processing
    4. Development of technology to improve the quality and safet of seafood products
    5. The study of techniques to decrease hazard in food
    6. Processing of vegetables and fruits by using hurdle technology
    7. Packaging of food products, especially modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)
    8. Membrane technology

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