Department of Chemistry

Department of CHEMISTRY

        The Department of chemistry is one of the larger and more established departments in the faculty of science. We place a strong emphasis on both academic and research activities in the fields of analytical, inorganic, organic, physical and applied chemistry. A B.Sc. program in chemistry and three M.Sc. programs in the fileds of chemistry, polymer science and chemical education are offered. The Department also partcipartes in the Multidisciplinary Programs leading to a Ph.D. in either biological science or environmental science.

Degree programmes

  • Bachelor degree
    - Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

  • Master degree
    - Mater of Science in Chemistry
    - Mater of Science in Polymer Science
    - Mater of Science in Chemical Education

  • Doctoral degree
    - Doctor of Philosophy Program in Chemistry

  • Selected Researches
    1. Natural products
    2. Organic synthesis
    3. Pharmaceutical chemistry
    4. Environmental chemistry
    5. Laboratory-on-a-Chip
    6. Instrumental development for analysis
    7. Gem Analysis
    8. Drug Analysis
    9. Flow injection analysis 10. Organometallic chemistry
    11. Synthesis of chemical receptors and sensord for ion selective electrode
    12. Synthesis and characterization of co-ordination compounds
    13. Electroplating
    14. Computational chemistry
    15. Polymer synthesis and characterization
    16. Nanocomposites and polymer dynamics
    17. Fly ash utilization
    18. Polymer hydrogel

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