Department of Microbiology

Department of MICROBIOLOGY

        The Department of Microbiology offers the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Microbiology. The department also provides fundamental courses in microbiology for students in other department and fuculty of Burapha University. The department is housed in the newly constructed biological sciences building and has excellent teaching, research and administrative support facilities. Expertise of faculty members is in the aeras of industrial microbiology, food microbiology and environmental and agricultural microbiology. Of these, over 35 different courses in both undergraduate and graduate levels are available in the department of microbiology for microbiology majors and other Faculty of Science students. The department offers hand-on courses to help prepare graduates for employment in industries requiring practical skills in microbiology. Similarly, research interests of the department of microbiology include studies to improve the quality of existing industrial processes utilizing microorganisms and the development of new technologies that take advantage of microorganisms. Also, faculty members in the department of microbiology collaborate with invertigators in numerous faculty members in the field of biological sciences, aquaculture and biomedical sciences.

Degree programmes

  • Bachelor degree
    - Bachelor of Science in Microbiology

  • Master degree
    - Mater of Science in Applied Microbiology

  • Selected Researches
    1. Plant-growth-promoting rhizomicroorganisms
    2. Microbial bioremediation of heavy metal
    3. Biological control plant pathogens
    4. Molecular identification and detection of bacteria
    5. Yeast biocontrol
    6. Food-borne bacteria: growth, survival and control
    7. Probiotic in aquaculture
    8. Marine fungi and their applications
    9. Cultivation of edible mushroom using microbial techniques
    10. Medical microbiology
    11. Endophytic fungi and their applicatons
    12. Metabolites from marine and endophytic fungi and their applicatons
    13. Molecular parasitology of Blastocystis spp.
    14. Antimicrobial activity and antioxidant of some medicinal plants

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