Department of Aquatic Science

Departments of AQUATIC SCIENCE

        At present, the Department of Aquatic Science offers programs leading to the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees and its Ph.D. program is to launched by the end 2009. Owing to location of the campus, the department is in unique position to offer valuable training and experience to students interested in the study of marine environment. In addition to marine, courses provided in the department also cover brackish and freshwater environments. Areas of emphasis encompass oceanography, environmental studies, marine biology and eclogy, fisheries and aquaculture, and utilization of aquatic resources. Areas of current research interest within the department include: the development of methods for both economical and advanced aquaculture technology; aquatic resource and environmental studies towards sustainability; and applications of oceanography coupled with GIS and remote sensing techniques and predicting natural phenomena in the gulf of thailand.

Degree programmes

  • Bachelor degree
    - Bachelor of Science in Aquatic Science

  • Master degree
    - Mater of Science in Aquatic Science

  • Doctoral degree
    - Doctor of Philosophy in Aquatic Science

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